Brand introduction


Founded in 1970 in North America, JAMA Petroleum Group is a professional manufacturer of high-quality lubricants. It has a patent of porcelain fluorine technology that breaks through high temperature and pressure, providing lubrication protection for vehicles and industrial equipment.
JAMA group has more than 39 business units in China responsible for manufacturing, operation and management.
In 2003, jiamei China company was established in Hong Kong, and jiamei xiamen company was established in May of the following year。
In 2005, jiangsu jiamei lubricant co., LTD. Was established.
In 2010, the first oil production base was built in xiamen.
In 2015, Shanghai jiamei industrial co., LTD was established, with which jiamei petroleum group started its globalization development strategy as the headquarters of JAMA in China.
At the end of 2017, the first 4.0 intelligent plant of Canada and the United States in China was completed and put into operation, starting to move towards One Belt And One Road.More

The lubricating oil products, with advanced formula, technology and equipment, and tenacious spirit, is committed to r&d and production of products such as long life, high efficient environmental protection, widely used in car maintenance, automobile manufacturing, steel, paper making, textile, electric power, wind power, electronic communication, hardware mold, plastic industry, metal processing industry and other fields, has won the midea group, quanta, jiangxi copper, shougang, Shanghai Volkswagen and other world top customers trust and praise.

Brand honor

Development history

  • 1970

    Founded in North America

  • 2003

    Set up the first Chinese company in Hong Kong

  • 2004

    Xiamen jiamei company was established to officially start China business

  • 2005

    Jiangsu jiamei lubricants co. LTD. Established

  • 2010

    South China factory completed and put into operation

  • 2015

    Shanghai jiamei industrial co., LTD. Was established

  • 2017

    China's first batch of small and medium-sized enterprises One Belt And One Road key recommended projects, industry 4.0 east China intelligent factory completed and put into operation


Brand culture

Canadian spirit of enterprise

Hard and solid, honest commitment, practical results

With the mission

Through the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of lubricants, strive to provide enterprises with the best lubricant solutions and create the maximum value for customers

Jama's core values

Innovation, excellence, learning, value

The Canadian success equation

BBB 0 success = attitude * ability * action

Beautiful vision

In the future, Canada and the United States should connect the world, lubricate the world, lead the green energy development station with scientific and technological innovation, and be fully internationalized