Investment policy

Lube oil agent conditions

1. It must be an independent legal person within the territory of the People's Republic of China, with the registered capital of 500,000 yuan and the business scope included Limited liability company of "lubricant, grease".Legal operation, with general taxpayer qualification;
2. It has convenient transportation and a good surrounding environment for independent office space. Business office building is preferred.Computer, broadband, fax, telephone, conference room necessary;

Investment advantage

At present, the development speed of China's automobile market is the first in the world.But at present Chinese lubricants market is chaotic, brand is numerous, good and bad are mixed.All kinds of non-standard oil, small brands, miscellaneous oil, false oil and other phenomena are flooding the market.In today's lube oil market, each brand is faced with a big shuffle, and only efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly green lube oil products have a place!

Cooperative customers

  • Metal processing
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Machine tool equipmen
  • Automobile making
  • Electronics technology